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 I have had the great pleasure of undertaking personal fitness training with Nicola Gibbons. As a general practitioner, and a man in my mid-fifties, I am aware of the need for actively maintaining health through appropriate lifestyle measures. In particular this means staying physically as fit as I can which is why I started the training with her.   
 I selected Nicola on the basis of recommendations of friends who have been her clients, and also the feedback I received from patients in my medical practice.
 I have not been disappointed at all, as she has been perfect for my needs. 
She has been extremely thorough and careful to establish my requirements, and develops suitable exercise programs. She is always careful to ensure any exercise is useful and effective, but will not cause injury. This is a constant part of our interactions – she closely monitors for problems and is responsive to my feedback.    
Her cheerful personality and positive manner is delightful, and adds to the experience. Also her all-round professionalism is reassuring and much appreciated. I can truly say that I will miss the regular sessions, and I can strongly recommend her to any prospective clients.      
 Phillip Harvey (Dr) NSW
You have had a huge impact on my life and I am forever grateful. I have a lot more confidence in my ability to keep the weight off and you are solely responsible for this. Thankyou so much!
Sarah Johnson NSW
Nicky, you made turning 50 more enjoyable - being positive, having more energy and loving an active lifestyle. Wow! That deserves a big thankyou!!
Roz Gouldthorp NSW
Nicola, I cannot thank you enough, you literally may have saved my life.
David Raine (Dr) NSW
Thankyou for all your help in keeping me fit and healthy. I haven't felt so good for a long time. You are a special person, always so willing to meet the health needs of individuals, as we are all so different, and provide us with your expert knowledge.
Helga Eisenhammer NSW
Pilates Class held at Isabella Plains Neighbourhood Centre. Improve core stability, postural alignment, flexibility and balance.
Thankyou for the gifts of health, strength, fitness, nourishment and well-being you have given me as well as your delightful company. Your knowledge and skills are outstanding. Replacement will not be possible. I will just have to be self-motivated to follow your programs and phone you for pep talks.You are special and I will miss you hugely.
Carolyn Leigh NSW
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